We have worked with Usman as a technical consultant and project manager for SmartBooking for almost half a year. Usman was a great added value to the team. His extensive experience and in-depth knowledge helped us in steering the project and managing the transition that the project was undergoing. Usman is still an indispensable asset for SmartBooking as he continues to provide us with his technical insights and recommendations.

— Redwan Abudawood

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As the co-founder and CEO of KITCH, a food delivery app based in Jeddah, I hired Usman Bashir as our CTO in order to handle all tech-related areas of the startup.

Usman is an expert software developer and really understands the managerial side of the business as well, which is a great combination for a CTO role. He managed all our tech-related requirements with high attention to detail, which is an essential aspect when it comes to managing developers working with tech startups.

He was able to manage our development agency by creating a clear and effective feedback loop system, in order to ensure the best quality of work was being produced by our service providers. He really added a lot of value to the project by always trying to improve the process and overall objectives of it, where he made sure to go the extra mile to make things happen the right and efficient way.

Finally, Usman was a great team player, showing he was able to function as part of the team, despite his role of acting as our sole CTO and tech team member.

— Ibrahim Bamehriz