Some talks, I’ve given, in case you want to see the slides.

2018: April

Facebook Developer Circle: Jeddah @ Wadi Makkah

This talk covered writing an Ethereum smart contract in Solidity using developer-friendly tools. Followed by a workshop, where we learned, how to actually build a smart contract based dApp using the Truffle Framework, along with Ganache, Metamask and Web3.js.

2018: January

Facebook Developer Circle: Jeddah

This talk discussed what is ReactJS. How and where you can use it. Followed by a workshop, where the attendees learned, how to build a component-based web-app using ReactJS. Checkout workshop code, notes and resources.


Jeddah Software Developers Meetup

I encouraged people to start using command-line tools, showing some of their use-cases and talked about when and where to use them.